Casting Facilities


Casting department is founded in 2008 and divided into heavy and light sections which they are practicing in casting with 2000 k.g furnace capacity in heavy section and 700 k.g furnace capacity in light section with induction furnace method. Total casting capacity is 15 Ton per day for heavy section and 3.5 Ton per day for light section.

It is specialised as a valve producer in Oil and Gas industries including valves, fittings and related equipment which achieves significant capabilities. Moreover, this section also has more experience in car industries productions in terms C-iron and Ductile Iron materials.

Casting department with experienced and capable staff is capable to produce various metals according to the client inquires according to ASTM standard including C-iron, Cast Steel and Stainless steel.


The following products with different materials are mentioned as a sample briefly:


  • Oil and Gas Valves:
    • Different types of valve, whole casting parts.
    • Pump parts.
    • Other equipment.


  • Railway


  • Car Industrial Parts:
    • Camshaft
    • Pistons Gear
    • Yokes
    • Crankshaft



  • casting
  • laboratory
  • molding
  • heat treatment
  • shot blast