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Petro Nab Sepahan Co. established in 2003 in Isfahan province. The company is practicing in oil and gas equipment fields particularly in valve industries including Ball, Gate, Globe and Check Valves. Taking a land area of 11000 m2 and construction area of 9000 m2 including two light and heavy tonnage foundries and valve manufacturer as well.

The company certified to the ISO/TS 29001:2008 and ISO 9001:2008 quality systems, API-6D and API-6FA qualifications. The company is already registered in approved vendor list of NIGC and NIOC and their sub companies as well like National Iranian South Oil Company and etc… .

The company practices as a specialized in carbon steel and alloy steel valves according to ASTM with complete and scientific quality management system. The company has been did many orders from public and private local companies in case of different type, size and material. The company employed 132 persons directly in casting and valve manufacturing in different departments including technical, quality control, production, trade department and so on. Total amounts of working capital is about 1.000.000 € and our sales for last year is about 720.000 €.

All of products have guarantee, warranty and after sales service which are mentioned in in details in the contract.

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